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VAWAA | Vacation with An Artist

"VAWAA is a curated platform to book mini-apprenticeships with master artists and craftspeople around the world. We celebrate creating over consuming, and connecting over sightseeing."

- Jewelry making with Sabrina in Italy - 

Sabrina Formica for Vawaa

I am so excited to open the doors of my home|studio

to host you for an intense creative journey in Milano or in Puglia in collaboration with VAWAA!

I cannot express the joy in being part of this incredible project focused on a new way to travel seen as an opportunity to grow and get new inspirations.

I decided to create a special course for anyone interested in learning how to transform a simple piece

of metal into a personal story to tell & wear.

You will create your personal collection of jewels, learning all the main jewelry making techniques while having fun and sharing a bit of our daily life together!

Can't wait to meet You! :D

Who is this VAWAA for?

No matter if you're a beginner or a pro! This course is perfect for all creative minds and craft lovers, and everyone with a passion for jewelry and handcraft looking for a new way to travel learning new skills and looking for new inspirations.

Worktable Room
VAWAA Vacation with and Artist - Sabrina Formica
Sabrina Formica Jewelry Making Creative Retreats in Milano_Outside area.jpg

About your VAWAA

Explore Milan, the center of Italian design and fashion, with jewelry designer Sabrina.
Craft your personal jewelry collection from concept to finish using various techniques, while slowing down in a ceramic class or enjoying traditional Italian and Apulian cuisine.
Outside the studio, you’ll find inspiration in the city’s celebrated architecture and artistic heritage.

Jewelry Making with Sabrina VAWAA includes: 

  • Learn how to prepare a safe work table to easily practice at home even in a small space.

  • Design a personal jewelry collection around a central inspiration, or “fil rouge”

  • Explore hand-piercing, metal-folding, hammering and silver soldering. Wax carving is available for an additional fee.

  • Discover how to add character with natural patinas. Hand painting and enameling techniques are possible for an additional fee. 

  • Walk around Milan for inspiration, and slow down for a typical Italian lunch.

  • Enjoy an outing for “panzerotto”, a typical Apulian street food.

  • If time permits, you can join a ceramics or cold porcelain jewelry class in a shared studio with Sabrina, to explore a new technique and experimenting with other materials.

  • All basic tools and materials are included.

VAWAA - Jewelry Making with Sabrina
Handmade Earrings
Make Your Jewel
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