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 Jewellery Making Lab

Have you ever wanted to create your own jewels?
I'd love to share with you the main traditional and contemporary techniques
to create your unique pieces and collections.

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Earrings - Brass and Silver_edited_modif

No experience or creative knowledge is required, just a little bit of enthusiasm and positivity! :)

The number of participants is limited. The labs are available exclusively by appointment in: 

Sabrina Formica Studio - soon!
Mosca Bianca Milano - via Plinio 42
Ideamondo Associazione
- via Bassini 49

Il Trullo & la Formica - ArtVilla

Creative Retreats in the Apulian countrysid
I will be happy to host you in my countryside villa for a memorable residence and time together
among nature, creativity and all Apulian vibes!

For more details: | +39 3398774595

Workshop & Classes

All workshops and courses are studied for learning the main jewellery techniques quickly and in a personalised way.
We are all different! Which means the projects can be different according to your individuality and creativity.
In this way you'll be able to learn all the 'academic' rules while having fun and working on something you like.
Also you'll discover all the tips to easily work at home! ;)

Check all the workshops and classes and choose the perfect for you or feel free to contact me if any need or doubt.

Jewelry Making Intensive Course
Easy Enamel for Jewelry
Corso smalti per gioielli con Sabrina Formica
Patinas & Pigments for Jewellery
Patinas & Pigments for Jewelry

Hand-painted Jewelry & Patinas

Join this workshop to easily learn how to get incredible results
using patinas and pigments to give a touch of color to your jewels!
individual - 180
min. 2 - 1

lavorazione cera_modificato.jpg
Reconnection - Earrings for TincalLab Challenge
The Fragile Kingdom - Contemporary Jewelry by Sabrina Formica

Contemporary Jewellery
Advanced - 3h WORKSHOP

You will experiment several techniques and unexpected materials, creating different types of rings, pendants etc. Discover new ways to express yourself and your critical thinking through
a contemporary approach to jewellery.
Keep open-minded for any taboo! ;)
individual - 22
min. 2 - 190€

Sabrina Formica_Ceramic.jpg

Ceramic classes
Tuesday h19-21 - Ideamondo
Monday, Wednesda
y h 19-22 - Mosca Bianca Milano
only by appointment - ArtVilla, Putignan
o, Bari

Interested in experimenting with clay creating your own unique pieces? New classes are available!

Corso di Gioielli
Jewellery Making 15h
Modellazione Cera per Gioielli
Wax Carving Workshop

Wax Carving

Join this workshop if you are curious about wax carving and lost wax technique
but you're not sure it's 'your' technique. You will have the chance to make different pendants to get used to the tools and material. Then you'll be free to decide if to continue with the 15h intensive course or other personal projects.
individual - 180

min.2 max.6 - 140€/person

Wedding rings
Engagement Ring
VillaGiulia - B&B
Jewellery Summer Workshop
Gift Card - Jewelry Making Sabrina Formica.jpg

Jewelry Making Workshop - GIFTCARD
A poetic metalwork for You - GIFTCARD
(from 50€)

Perfect if you're looking for a creative present/experience to gift to a very special person or if you're looking for a jewel to gift but you really don't know how to choose! :)
Feel free to contact me for Your personalised Gift Card! :)

Make your Jewel - Thank you Roberta & Ilaria!<3

Jewelry Making Intensive Course

Sono rimasta piacevolmente sorpresa dalla quantità di informazioni e tecniche apprese. Sabrina mi ha guidata nella creazione di un gioiello dalla A alla Z, in tutte le fasi e ogni minuto passato in laboratorio è stato di grande valore. Consiglio questa esperienza a chi è alle prime armi oppure

a chi semplicemente ha incertezze e vuole migliorare la tecnica. Grazie 💛

Corso gioielli intensivo - Intensive Jewelry Making Class

Ho partecipato al corso intensivo da 15h ed è stata un’esperienza meravigliosa!
Sabrina è un’insegnante paziente, precisa, preparata e attenta alle esigenze espressive di ogni allievo, oltre ad essere una persona ed artista davvero unica.

Wax Carving Intensive Course

I took a wax carving course with Sabrina and it was one of the best decisions I made! Not only is she talented and interesting but is also very informed about jewelry and extremely attentive to making sure I learn as much as possible in the little time that we had. Overall it was such a fun course and left me feeling so inspired to dive into new projects with wax carving with all the skills I learned! Thank you so much Sabrina :)

Thank each one of you for your trust and time with me!