' The mediator of the head and the hands must be the heart '


Bio & Statement

Fashion designer and tutor in Italy and abroad, passionate about art, poetry and contaminations,
Sabrina finds in artisanal jewellery a way to express her visions and inner contrasts.

Inspired by nature, old tales, memories and silent moments,
her metalworks recall deep emotions and dreamy realities in which to get lost.
Each piece wants to be a 'talisman' evocating a story, healing and amazing the soul.

Finding beauty in contrasts, she combines the use of raw industrial metals
with the delicacy of her illustrations hand pierced, fired and shaped
to create a collection of poetic jewels and objects.

Her work has been selected for several exhibitions, such as:

Showcase-Altaroma (2021), Jewels in Ferment (2020|21), Milano Jewellery Week (2019),
Milano Design Week (2019), Gioiello Dentro (2019),
Sieraad International Jewellery Art Fair (2019).

A selection of her work is available at Galleria Rossini in Milano.

She works in her studio/lab in Milano where she also offers short and intensive jewellery courses in a stimulating athmosphere and through a personalised approach respecting each individuality.

She also works as a freelance senior jewellery designer&maker at Les Couronnes de Victoire (Paris).

She loves free spirits and broken souls.

Craftmanship, quality & respect

My work is 100% handmade and it's the result of a passionate research and personal inspirations.

I believe in the sustainable process of craftsmanship: to produce less and at a higher quality,
for this reason all my creations are one-of-a-kind or limited edition.

Sometimes I create new pieces for prior collections or with similar themes
(follow my
instagram page for the all the updates)
As a personal choice i don't use any animal material and precious metals or stones
that put man and nature at risk in their extraction.
Instead I prefer recycled/upcycle metals and materials.

For our choices can really make the difference! :)