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Sabrina Formica

About my ethic and vision

My work is the result of memories, personal feelings, a formal and expressive research holding the poetics of nature and human fragility. My main source of inspiration also comes from poetry, music, art and life itself.

Through my work I try to recall alternative realities in which to get lost, to slow down, to heal and amaze the soul.


I believe in the sustainable process of craftsmanship: producing less with a particular attention to quality and details following the slow rhythms of emotions and handmade process. As a personal choice I do not use any metal or stone that put nature and man at risk during their extraction, preferring the use of up/re-cycled materials.

I consciously prefer to work with natural light, minimizing the use of electricity, for this reason the making of a single piece could take weeks. Be patient, please, it is all about the Sun! :)

When my hands are in pain - and to keep my mind focused - I also like to experiment with clay.
You can find some of my ceramics here.
I am also a very passionate teacher and I offer short and intensive jewellery and pottery classes sharing all the tips and 'academic' rules with a fresh approach and in a stimulating atmosphere, respecting each individuality.

If you love craftmanship, please support small businesses, local shops and independent designers/artisans.
For our choices can really make the difference! :)

A detail from 'Gioielli in Fermento' Exhibition 2020|21

Gioielli in Fermento 2020|21 Exhibition.jpg

My story

Born in Bari, Puglia, 1983.

As a child she dreams of exploring the world, of becoming a sculptress and a psychiatrist/criminologist.

Eventually she graduates in Sciences and Technologies of Fashion, and for more than ten years she works as a fashion and graphic designer in Italy and abroad - fulfilling her desire to travel, discovering new cultures and new points of view - and as a teacher and consultant in fashion academies. When busy designing her collections, she mostly listens to serial killers' documentaries. To focus better, she says.

While working in the majestic city of Istanbul, She attends a jewellery course finding a new way to express her visions and inner contrasts.

She decides to return to Italy to focus on her personal collections and teaching.

In her work she combines the use of raw up-recycled metals with the delicacy of her work to create a collection of poetic jewels and objects inspired by nature and human fragility.

Her work has been selected for several exhibitions and it's available in art/jewelry galleries in Italy and abroad.

Passionate about teaching with a contemporary and fresh approach, she also offers short and intensive jewellery classes in Bari and Milano in a stimulating atmosphere, respecting each individuality and creativity.

She also works as a fashion and graphic design consultant in fashion schools, as a freelance senior jewellery designer & maker at Les Couronnes de Victoire (Paris) and as a ceramic teacher.

She loves free spirits and broken souls.

Meet The Team

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