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Recent cases of brutal violence left me speechless. Once again.

Living in a multiethnic society should be a great opportunity to explore and appreciate all cultural differences.

I cannot believe we still need to learn how to respect each other regardless of color, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, etc.

It's exausting to live in this world sometimes, but i will always fight against stereotypes,

racism and injustice. No matter what. I just hope one day all this madness will disappear forever.


After a pretty heavy time with my mind off, I've completed the Random Kindness collection,

trying to avoid the darkness of the world.


In hopes one day civil, racial, gender injustice will disappear forever.

Random Kindness

& Senseless Acts of Beauty

Every piece of this artisanal jewellery collection is a tribute to some of those inspiring women who famously fought for equality, raising their voices for others in the fight against sexism, racism, and marginalization.


This is my 'thank you' for their 'acts of beauty'.

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