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Ceramics & objects

Ceramics is the art of turning earth into something new <3

Ceramic lab

Jewelry for the Home

I am passionate about ceramics and home decor and when I need a break from metals I love to experiment with clay!
A passion but also a therapy for my mind and body since high school! This is how my 'jewels for the home' are born, often connected to my jewelry collections. Other times they are the result of a pure formal experimentation or a need to let me be carried away and amazed by the material itself!

Interested in experimenting with clay creating your own unique pieces?
I am also a passionate teacher and I'd love to share all tips and tricks of this mervellous art!
You can join my evening classes every:

Tuesday and Thursday, h19-21 at Ideamondo or
Wednesday h 19-21,30 at  Mosca Bianca Milano
or find the one that suits you following their link.

Discover an incredible world made of relax, slow gestures, genuine chat and laughs <3


Coffee cup and sgraffito technique - work in progress

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